There seemed to be some disturbance between the harpies and the leprechauns, from what Bryn could see, and his stress levels rose rapidly as the noise level elevated. He stuck by Clef, too, since Sara and her brother were still going about unlocking cages--or, rather, Sara was unlocking them and her brother was following her, making sure she wasn't going to fall over. 

"There." Bryn pointed to the door, which was firmly sealed and had no handle. He heard a soft flutter from behind and turned to see the phoenix flying toward him, landing on his shoulder and making it sag with its weight. Bryn righted himself with a noise of surprise and then looked over at Clef with a weak little smile. "One more for our group?"

A phoenix could be useful. Everyone knew that phoenixes had miraculous powers of healing. They could even exchange one of their lives with a dying creature! Bryn gently stroked one of its wings and it let out a soft, oddly comforting sound. "All right, let's go over to the doorway. Everyone--everyone! Please listen!" He raised his voice slightly and tried again.

"If you want to get out, you have to be touching some part of me! Only I can open the door to the outside!" And it wasn't long before he was being mobbed, lost in a sea of arms and talons--ouch!--and other odd appendages. "Here... hurry, grab hold," he gasped, reaching out a flailing arm to Clef so that he and Sara and her brother could latch on, too, as everyone began to drag him over to the doorway.