Moribund is rated R or 3-3-3. We allow mature content and are an adult only site; however, you can turn off mature content if you wish (see below). All members MUST be 18+ to join.

We have no activity checks, no word count, no character limits, no application process (play as soon as you create a character account) and face claims are NOT mandatory.

Because we stress the importance of creativity and freedom of expression, we have only the basic guildlines below to help you get situated. Everything else is up to you; there are no hidden rules, no hoops to jump through, nothing that hinders you from writing whatever you wish. Anything you can make up about the world, you are free to go ahead with! If you would like some additional guidance, however, or are unsure, please drop a line in our cbox, discord or privately PM an admin and we will get back to you ASAP! 


Sign up with an Out of Character (OOC) name, which will be your sole account. Character accounts are automatically attached to your OOC account.


1. Click your OOC NAME to bring down the menu. 
3. Click the CREATE CHARACTER button.
4. There will be 3 tabs for you to input character info; all of these are optional except the FACE CLAIM, if you choose to use one, and the MEMBERGROUP
5. Click the READY TO PLAY box at the bottom left of the form; this will list your character as active, and you may begin to play them as soon as you click the SAVE button.

To learn more about MEMBERGROUPS, CLICK HERE. At this point there are no tribeless characters; everyone must join a group.

Theme music is for fun; you can add theme songs by clicking the Insert Media button (it looks like a Play Button) and inserting a youtube link.

Mature Content

If you would prefer not to view mature content, you may turn them off by doing the following:

1. Click your OOC NAME to bring down the menu.
3. Under SETTINGS, toggle the slider for DISPLAY MATURE CONTENT to the OFF position (it should be red).
4. Click the PROFILE tab and input your birthday. It does not need to be your real birthday; the system simply needs one in order to turn off mature content for you.
5. If you put your real birthday, you can opt to hide it in the SETTINGS tab.

Note: This software does not allow any guest to view mature content, so if you see posts in a board and there are no posts to be seen, this means the Mature Content slider was turned on for that thread.


Face claims are not mandatory but if you do use them, they should either be real people/photographs or photo-realistic artwork.

1. Avatars are 250x250.
2. Secondary images (shows up in posts) are 250x400.
3. Please keep the height of signatures no taller than 250px, including images and text.
4. Please keep all images safe for work as a courtesy to those who access the site in public.
5. The GALLERY is for other related images to your character, such as larger images, images of their homes, their pets, etc.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

When you go to create a character, there is a Create Non-Player Character button. This will create an NPC character that is shared by everyone on the site. That means anyone can use this NPC to post, site-wide.


When adding tags, such as open (to add it to the open thread list), type the word open with a comma afterward (i.e. open, ). Even if there is only one tag, the system requires a comma to input the tag!

Remember to add in a date in the Timeline area. The timeline is mandatory and used to sort threads by order of when they occur. This is only necessary for in character threads.

If the thread is mature, please click the MATURE CONTENT slider to ensure that the thread is hidden from anybody who has decided not to read mature threads. 

Vesta does not use BBCode. The post form is similar to what you get in Microsoft Word or any other word processor. To bold, italicize, etc. your post, highlight the section you want altered and click the appropriate button. Keyboard shortcuts also work (i.e. ctrl+B to bold).

If you have questions, please ask Admins Apricity or Maru.

Thread Tracking

Vesta automatically adds any thread a character posts in to your character's thread tracker. You can manage each character's thread tracker by:

1. Clicking your OOC NAME to bring down the menu. 
3. Under the character, click the THREAD TRACKER button. Here you can add notes or delete threads you don't want to appear on their profile.

When a thread is completed, please click the LOCK button and add a COMPLETED tag to it. We do not archive threads.


Subscriptions are basically bookmarks. You can manually subscribe to a thread by clicking the FOLLOW button. You can also manually unsubscribe by clicking UNFOLLOW.

If you would like your OOC account to automatically subscribe to threads the way the characters do, you can do this by going to MANAGE PROFILE and clicking the slider that says "Automatically follow content I post or reply to" and then clicking SAVE.


We don't hold activity checks. However, staff reserves the right to let any claims you've made go to other more active members if there's a lapse of six months or more in overall activity.

Open Threads

Add an OPEN tag to your thread and it will be listed HERE in our open thread list. You may add tags to an existing thread by clicking the plus sign (+) beneath your square avatar. See the below image for an example. To remove your thread from the open thread listing, click the x beside the open tag.

Password Recovery

The site's software doesn't use or store emails when you register. To avoid getting locked out, please go to your profile and add in a recovery question.