IC Year In Review

Dec 18, 2021 5:56 AM

Nine months baby!! We've come so far! Click here to see what's been going on in San Fran during these nine months~

Hellooo Mori! This year a lot has happened on the site IC-wise, so let's get a month-by-month recap of what everybody has been up to and get caught up! 

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January, 2051

Severin Novak writes Brendan Vincent several love letters in Brendan’s sketchbooks but eventually stops when he receives no replies.

Apryl Weather rescues Ryker Meier from a horrible art gallery showing, only for them to run into a group of black puddings during mating season!

February, 2051

The Shadows, a group of Outworlders led by demon prince Cato Zabazio, run afoul of demon noble Johnny D'Amore after stealing an artifact known as the origami stone from him. In the altercation, Cato is poisoned and in an act of sacrifice, the group's phoenix healer, Lieke, sacrifices one of his lives. Lieke reverts to egg form and loses his memories, to the devastation of his best friend Rajali.

Elsewhere Ryznerox, who was shot in the battle between Johnny and Cato, is taken to the downstairs of the club and tortured for any information that he may have on the whereabouts of the stolen origami stone. After his mind is read by a wordsmith, he is left in front of his room where another club worker, Darling, finds him and nurses him back to health. Darling's demon, Asmodeus, hatches a plan for escape with Ryznerox.

March, 2051

Lieke hatches out of his egg but has lost his memories of past lives, and all of the people in it. The Shadows discover that the source of Lieke's amnesia is an illness called the Golden Sickness, which occurs when a phoenix--guardians of The Library, a mysterious repository of all knowledge in the universe--breaks the laws of The Library. Two new members have joined The Shadows while Lieke has been absent, a magical enhancer named Iris Plumbutter and a surly healer named Cal.

We learn of a mysterious figure known as King Beleth, a demon intent on uniting all of the Outworld under his rule. King Beleth removes Ryznerox, who is an incubus prince, and Darling/Asmodeus from Johnny's employ, which leaves a gap that Johnny fills quickly with a dancer from a rival club named Pepijn de Wit, after Pepijn has a falling out with his lover, Spike North.

King Beleth's two sons, Quincy and Ruben Heathcote, who have been raised in the human world, learn of their origins. Quincy also reunites with long-lost boyfriend Elijah Everett, who is addicted to a drug called Chrono. 

After a turbulent break-up, Spike turns to his best friend Gino Angelini for comfort and the two of them assault Arlo Sykes in a drug-fueled bender, leaving him for dead. Arlo is rescued by a pair of demons and taken to their camp, where he befriends a young human girl named Lany, who has been helping the demons as their trader. Arlo grows close to Lany and is welcomed into the peaceful demon group.

When things sour with Johnny, Pepijn is rescued by Spike. Gino and Spike then mount an attack on Johnny's club, where Gino summons Johnny and immediately regrets it. Plagued by the powerful demon, Gino seeks to destroy him and separates from Spike for his safety. During the separation, Gino discovers that he is, in fact, the son of a demon named Asmodeus! Pepijn also finds out that he is a fae changeling, leaving Spike as the only human in the trio, much to his chagrin.

During his absence, Gino tries to find someone with the ability to destroy Johnny. Unfortunately, the only person who can do that is Arlo, whom he assaulted previously, so he sets off in search of him with a mercenary friend, Austin. They find Arlo's old group in the Chainsaws, led by Brendan's mother Amy. Gino kills Amy and leaves her body for Brendan to find. This deeply traumatizes Brendan, but the horrific experience also brings him closer to his boyfriend Severin. 

Elsewhere, Sage Rosentower is contacted by his long-lost husband Simon. Simon has been taken over by demons and has lost his memories, but gradually recovers them when he reunites with Sage. They also discover from Sage's older brother Reed that prior to the Moribund, Simon had a fatal heart condition which he had kept secret from everyone. Reed contacts Iris for help, who brings Cal to temporarily heal Simon. Cal removes a soul shard from Simon's weakened heart--a fragment of a dark fae who had been using Simon as a host, attracting demons to him. 

On Alcatraz, Endymion Yarbrough and Alex Benson sneak off on a ship headed for the mainland. Alex is entering a demon fighting competition and Endy is trying to find his little brother Leander and step-father Dutch Quilliam, whom Endy believes killed his mother when the Moribund happened. Once they reach the mainland, they eat hot dogs and question the nature of the 'meat,' then decide that they don't want to know after all. 

Morton St. James discovers that a boy named Nico Mazzeo he briefly saw in a hospital in his childhood is also here in San Francisco, and has been stalking him 'on and off' for the past fourteen years. But that's fine because Morton has also been 'lightly' stalking him back, as he works for Nico's family as a lawn and pool maintenance boy. 

April, 2051

Severin catches Brendan sneaking out of their new safehouse and follows him. Brendan takes Severin to his secret second base, which is an Old West amusement park that has long since gone out of operation, where they have fun playing games and watching a Western on their first proper date.

May, 2051

Moxxie and Millie, married demons under the employ of Duke Eligos, a servant of King Beleth, have been charged with looking after Ryznerox and Darling/Asmodeus. While Millie is away on a mission to locate another Origami Stone, Ryznerox and Asmodeus (Darling) sneak out, forcing Moxxie to go along with them to a bar, where they drug him for their own amusement. 

At the bar they are approached by two women--Mia Cho and Yasmine Sutherland--who are in search of the blood of an incubus or succubus. Mia's boyfriend Emmett Sterling is being preyed upon by Austin, Gino's friend, who is also a son of Beleth. They obtain Ryznerox's blood, which they give to Austin's lover Harley Wellington, hoping that Harley would find incriminating evidence on whatever Austin is doing to Emmett. Austin comes upon Harley ransacking his room and under the affects of the incubus blood. He extracts the blood from Harley and reveals his true identity, then convinces Harley to join him--and his father, King Beleth.

Back at the bar, Millie comes to the rescue! She brings Moxxie--and the two miscreants--back to their safehouse and nurses Moxxie back to health. They try to sneak out on a date but are caught by Eligos, who forces himself into their plans. The three of them make their way to the Sharkteeth demon breeding grounds with the intention of freeing some of their fellow demons, only to be caught by one of the Sharkteeth defenders. In the ensuing fight, Moxxie is injured, forcing them to make a hasty retreat. 

June, 2051

Spike reunites with Gino, who has finally located Arlo. They first come upon Lany and trap her, but she escapes and warns Arlo, although it's too late to stop the intruders. Gino forces Arlo to 'kill' Johnny, not knowing that Arlo's demon, Belphegor, has slyly hatched a plan with Johnny, who is his brother. Gino and Spike leave, satisfied that they have finally rid themselves of their foe, and Johnny finds a new host... in Lany.

July, 2051

Leander, Endymion's little brother, has been living with his father Dutch in the Chainsaws' territories. He and his best friend Matthew Vanidestine, of the Sharkteeth, sneak out to catch their own demons, reluctantly chaperoned by Matthew's adoptive brother Joao Olivera. They stumble upon a disoriented nanny bot named Darragh O'Connor, who leads them to a cave containing demons. While Matthew and Joao are wary of Darragh and do not enter with him, Leander does. Darragh and Leander find a dog-sized dragon inside, but also a powerful demon prince named Beelzebub who allows Leander to keep the dragon in exchange for Darragh leading him to Eligos, his lover. 

Meanwhile, a powerful thunder dragon king named Mireu Noe hatches a plan to infiltrate the human tribes, disguised as a human himself, in order to probe the origins of the Moribund and who ultimately caused it. He secures the aid of the thunder god Raijin, who while lukewarm to the idea, sends his personal servant Ryujin to accompany Mireu. After much teasing--and ignoring, on Ryujin's part--Mireu takes them to see an information broker named Cheshire, who is a human fused with a feline ghost demon.

The meeting is broken up by Cheshire's childhood friend Asahi, a murder-for-hire expert, who follows him back to his home. There, after some banter and awkward allusions to their shared past, they prepare a meal together before contemplating the possibilities of opening a chicken skewer stand together. Or, rather, a 'people' skewer stand...

August, 2051

Asahi's partner in the murder-for-hire business, a mysterious figure named Phantom, stirs up trouble when he targets Cheshire, accusing him of distracting Asahi from his secret plan. Cheshire and Phantom battle it out, during which Cheshire is killed by Phantom's hellfire abilities, granted to him by his demons. Although Cheshire is capable of rebirth, thanks to his cat-like nine lives ability, Phantom manages to link himself to one of those lives. Now Phantom can hear everything that Cheshire hears, and vice versa.

Asahi comes across Cheshire just as he is reborn, and together they flee to one of Cheshire's safehouses. They discover the link between Cheshire and Phantom and hatch a plan to kill Phantom, so as to sever the link. The attempt is botched, however, forcing them to go back into hiding again.

December, 2051

A dark fae prince named Lapis Lazuli is 'gifted' a linguist by his husband, Karmagan Harken. The linguist, Clefiro Figleaf, is able to read ancient text, a skill that Lapis intends to use to force open a portal back to their home world, and escape from magically enclosed San Francisco...

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So this sums up everything that's happened to us this year! In the upcoming year, hopefully many more exciting things will come to pass, as our ambitious characters all seem to have Plans of their own!