San Francisco and The Outworld


Alcatraz Island is home to an abandoned prison, the oldest operating lighthouse on the West Coast, early military fortifications and natural features such as rock pools and a seabird colony. After the Moribund, the land was reworked into farm plots and Alcatraz prison was converted into a living space for the Free Birds tribe.

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Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf gets its name from the city's early days, when Italian immigrant fishermen came to the city to take advantage of the population boom due to the gold rush. The area was home to many active fishermen and their fleets when the Moribund happened; now it is home to the sea-faring Shark Tooth tribe.

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Centered on Grant Avenue and Stockton Street, this is the oldest Chinatown in North America. Since its establishment in 1848, Chinatown continues to retain its own customs, languages, places of worship and identity. There are two hospitals, several parks and squares, churches and other infrastructure, all overseen by The Cranes.

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Nob Hill

Nob Hill is known for its luxury hotels, historic mansions and landmarks, Michelin-starred restaurants and boutiques. It is among the highest-income neighborhoods in the USA, and one of the most desirable and expensive real estate markets in the country. Named after one of San Francisco's original "Seven Hills," Nob Hill is now home to the wealthy elite known as The Lux.

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Financial District

Controlled by The Brass Tax, the Financial District contains the city's largest concentration of corporate headquarters and firms, companies and financial institutions. All six San Francisco Fortune 500 companies are located here. The area is marked by a cluster of high-rise towers in the triangular area east of Kearny Street. Montgomery Street (sometimes called "Wall Street of the West") is the traditional heart of the district.

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Located south of Nob Hill in downtown San Francisco, and home to the Chainsaws, the wedge-shaped Tenderloin territory encompasses about 50 square blocks. The terms "Tenderloin Heights" and "The Tendernob" refer to the area between the Upper Tenderloin and Lower Nob Hill. Part of the western extent of the Tenderloin was officially named "Little Saigon" by the City of San Francisco.

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The Mission

Home to the EDP, the Mission District (or "The Mission") was named after San Francisco's oldest standing building, located in the northwest area of the neighborhood. The Mission has historically been the center of the city's Chicano/Mexican-American community and is often warmer and sunnier than other parts of San Francisco, insulated from the fog and wind from the west.

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The Castro

The Castro District (or "The Castro") is located in Eureka Valley in San Francisco, one of the first gay neighborhoods in the United States. Having transformed from a working-class neighborhood through the 1960s and 1970s, the Castro remains one of the most prominent symbols of LGBT activism and events in the world, now home to the Rainbow Connection.

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Outworld - Pangaea

The vast continent of Pangaea spans the Northern Hemisphere of the Outworld. The Dark Fae Kingdoms are located here, nestled against towering mountains and protected by unholy magic. It is also rumored that the entrance to The Library is also somewhere on Pangaea.

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Outworld - Vaalbara

The continent of Vaalbara spans the Southern Hemisphere of the Outworld, ringed by many island nations. Near the equator is The Rift, a miles-wide gap that cuts across the continent like a fresh wound. The Rift contains the sole entryway into Hell, where demons and devils reside.

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Other Roleplay


Anything that goes over the phone, including video calls, takes place here. Interaction on the web, such as emails, forums, and the like can also be posted here.

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Memories & Solos

Threads and plots that take place in the past and in other locations of the world can be posted here. Anything from before our current timeline goes here, as well as solo threads.

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Out of Character

Plots & Requests

This is the place to go when you have ideas or want a character for a certain idea or character of your own. Guests can post here. :)

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Player Chat

Everything under the sun can go here, from random discussions about games and movies to intros and absences.

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