Sireul fiddled with the red silk coin pouch tucked into his pocket, taking it out to inspect it and then stuffing it back with a noise of dissatisfaction, then taking it out again. Chased in swirling gold, the red pouch was meant to attract good luck and prosperity. It had been made with heart and effort. It had not, however, been made with any great amount of skill.

One side of it was slightly larger than the other and the draw string didn't quite seal off the opening. 

Slightly annoyed at himself for not instantly being The Best at making coin pouches, Sireul had no choice but to bring along his best work to meet Gao. He'd gone through five or six iterations of the same thing, working secretly at night so as to avoid the snooping, curious eyes of the other Blink hunters. At least one of them--including that smug, stupid Wei Minghua--would tease him mercilessly for making something he could easily buy. 

Well, what did they know anyway! Most of them weren't fond of anybody but themselves! 

Sireul gazed off into the distance and sighted Bingha Tundra looming up close. The thin, frosty mist that wrapped around the entire region was a misleading indicator of the extreme cold that had plunged part of the Gauri kingdom into perpetual winter. Sireul was wrapped in warm furs but he still shivered the closer they drew to the tiny village at the outskirts. It was a popular meeting place for adventurers and for those looking to venture into the depths of the tundra. 

The outpost stood out clearly, etched in browns and blacks and faint pinpricks of light flickering from windowsills. All around it were snow banks, piled high and mounded by industrious snow sweepers. Sireul shivered again when the carriage rolled to a gentle stop and the door was pulled open by the driver. He handed over a few large pieces of jade chii, then quickly scurried into a nearby building which turned out to be a little inn with a tavern on the ground floor. 

Sireul went up to the counter to buy himself a warm mug of tea, then sat down at his usual table in the corner to wait. Gao knew where to find him; this was Sireul's favorite place to be, when he wasn't with the other hunters. It was close enough to home that he could keep in contact with his own family, while still being far away from his psychotic grandmother, the Gauri empress.