"Hmm. No. Not this one. Nope. Don't like this. You call this a pattern?!"

Sireul threw a bolt of fabric aside with a sniff of disdain. The owner of the stall shifted her feet nervously and darted a look somewhere beyond him, as though pleading for help. When none came, she babbled something about her goods being 'authentic' and Sireul laughed scornfully. 

"This, madam, is definitely not authentic!"

And he would know--he grew up wearing only the best silks and satins, all either woven right here in the Gauri kingdom or imported from the Middle Kingdom. To think that she would try and pull the wool--or silk--over his eyes! Laughable! He sifted through some more patterns but none were to his liking and he moved off, leaving the display in complete disarray. Well, the woman would take care of it! She didn't dare make a fuss, knowing his status as a noble.

Or, well, former noble, but his face still held some sway over the common people. 

Sireul looked left and right as he walked, hoping for something to catch his eye. Initially he'd been searching for a bit of nice silk to make a coin pouch for Gao, another Blink hunter, but nothing appealed to him. Grumpily he stopped off at a food cart for some sticky rice treats wrapped around an assortment of fillings--red bean, green bean and sweet dates. Maybe he was hangry. Maybe after he ate something, he'd have more energy to hunt down what he wanted.

After handing over a jade coin and receiving a few smaller ones in return, he pocketed his chii and moved off to sit at a little cluster of tables to eat his snack, watching the crowd as it milled past.