This is a request for my character Huli. So! He has a younger sister, name is totally up to you. Even full name, as Huli is a name that Huli gave himself (means Fox) when he was running with his dad and bro and killing anybody who might have been involved in the murder of his mother. So right now, the sister is a skeleton of a character, there's a LOT you can do with her to make her your own. Here are the important bits:

  • She's the youngest in the family and the only daughter. Her age should be between 30-20 years old.
  • She is a Zorua or Zoroark like her brother. It's your choice which kind, Hisui like Huli, regular, or shiny.
  • She should bear at least some resemblance to her brother, face wise but I'm willing to let it slide a bit, we could say she looks more like the other parent, for example, so I'm not super picky about this one, tbh.
  • She's a pirate now, alongside Huli, who has become a "second mate" to Naimi.

We can discuss everything else, but I'm pretty psyched to have Huli's little sister. I love sibling relationships. We can talk about how little sis feels about Huli's past life as a killer and her feelings about him acting as her protector now. Like, is she bitter that she was left alone while the males in her family ran around being vengeful idiots? Who took care of her during that time? What happened to her? Was she traumatized or did anything happen to her that made her wish that her family had been there to keep it from happening? What did she do for a living? Or did she have to resort to relying on somebody else? Just hit me up here and we can hammer out details. <3