Hey everyone! Below is a list of all of my characters and a little bit about them. Feel free to give the list a quick skim and if anything catches your eye, let me know here or through PMs! Because I like to have each character active in one thread at any given time, I'll note which ones are currently not available for threads. All of them, however, are open for comms at any time.

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Erlang Shen (Middle Kingdom)
Thread Status: Open
Age: 49
Shifter: Mangetsu 
Profession: Leader of the Wolf Warriors
Plots: There is a want ad up for members of his group, the Wolf Warriors! In short, he is the leader of a small band that steal from the rich and (sometimes) give to the poor. They operate out of the Slums in the Middle Kingdom. Erlang himself is a no-nonsense type of man, who used to serve in the Imperial Army before he became disillusioned by the corruption of the higher officials.

Feng (Middle Kingdom)
Thread Status: Open
Age: 18
Shifter: Leafeon
Profession: Member of the Wolf Warriors
Plots: Feng was brought up by Erlang, who is his adoptive father. Thus, he thinks that he 'owns' the Wolf Warriors and likes to occasionally boss people around. He's a mischievous guy and loves playing pranks--not that you'd know it, looking at his Serious Face.

Kiki (Gauri Kingdom)
Thread Status: Closed
Age: 29
Shifter: Houndoom
Profession: Kiki's Delivery Service; Dust maker
Plots: Kiki lives below-ground in a place called Saejang Colony, which serves as part-prison, part 'habitat' for the homeless and the undesirables. He is in a gang that manufactures a powerful hallucinogenic drug called Dust. Kiki has a morbid sense of humor and can put people off with his apathetic attitude, but he's not unfriendly.

Naimi (Middle Kingdom)
Thread Status: Open
Age: 30
Shifter: Slowpoke
Profession: Pirate
Plots: Naimi has his own ship, built on top of a giant Wailord! As a pirate, he's ruthless and cut-throat and has an eye for precious gems. He's also (on the sly) hunting for the Blinking Stone. I'm looking for members of his crew, as well as anyone looking to claim the bounty that the Gauri Kingdom has placed on his head! 

Nikhil (Yamato Kingdom)
Thread Status: Open
Age: 26
Shifter: Dratini
Profession: Spy
Plots: Nik looks like a dumbo and acts like a dumbo. But is he? Maybe? Who knows! He's rambunctious, flamboyant and very friendly, but his interests are always with the Yamato Kingdom. 

Riya Zaire (Middle Kingdom)
Thread Status: Open
Age: 28
Shifter: Serperior
Profession: Reaper (Temple of Life Guardian)
Plots: Riya was brought up in the Temple of Life and received magic training in order to protect the temple. He took the usual oaths, but doesn't always uphold or obey them. A bit of a rebel, Riya likes to sneak out of the temple occasionally to 'live his life.'

Saem Sun (Gauri Kingdom)
Thread Status: Open
Age: 34
Shifter: Alolan Ninetails
Profession: Queen's Guard; Frost Legion Commander
Plots: Saem is as serious as they come and is constantly on the job. When he's off-duty, he's still on-duty. Although he doesn't enjoy being part of the Queen's Guard, he still tries to do his best. As a commander, he has deep knowledge of battle tactics and currently is assigned to patrol Bingha Tundra. 
Open Comm: HERE

Shen (Yamato Kingdom)
Thread Status: Open
Age: 35
Shifter: Lionir (Fakemon)
Profession: Zealot
Plots: Shen was once a Reaper, but defected with a cult into the deep mountains surrounding the Yamato Kingdom. His role is to spread the word about their demonic lord and master, Akeldama. He also lures children away and kidnaps them to be used in ritual sacrifice, using his cute Vanillite as bait. His drifloon will also occasionally snatch children from their homes.

Sireul Ryu (Gauri Kingdom)
Thread Status: Closed
Age: 22
Shifter: Jigglypuff
Profession: Blink Hunter
Plots: There is a want ad up for his Blink Hunter group! Sireul is a former Gauri noble who gave up the life of luxury to become a Blink hunter. He travels with a big group and likes to be the center of attention, although his obstinate and difficult personality makes him... not so popular. Sireul likes to sing but the problem is, his singing puts people to sleep! And then he'll draw on their faces in a rage.

Tsuyoi (Yamato Kingdom)
Thread Status: Closed
Age: 16
Shifter: Crobat
Profession: Student; Spoony Bard
Plots: A young student training to be a Yamato Kingdom asset, Tsuyoi hails from Float Isle. When he's not training to become an assassin/spy, he's off having adventures and trying to write epic ballads and poems. A jack of all trades, master of none type of person, Tsuyoi has a lot of interests but rarely sees any of them through to the end.