New Year, New Me

Started by Shadi Ramin at Dec 25, 2021 8:16 PM
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It's your sword versus my dagger...

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"Remember to look for the plum blossoms," he repeated, liking the way the words felt on his tongue. Poetic, really. Like a song. Shadi loved music; he spent a lot of time listening when troupes came by. The plays were interesting but it was the music that he stayed for. Long after the troupes moved along, their music remained in his heart and he could feel it, thumping in time to the beat of his heart. It was a silly, boyish notion, though. People were well respected as musicians and actors in troupes. Yet... Shadi tried not to think too deeply about it.

Luckily, Gao was the kind of person that seemed able to bring people out of their shells. Shadi was actually quite shy in person and he often struggled with his words. Maybe that was why songs and poetry spoke to him so deeply.

"Thank you," he said, humbly taking Gao's words to heart. Then he let out a little sheepish sound under his breath as he lowered his gaze. "I don't really ever know what to pray for myself so I just pray for family and friends."

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Gao nod along as Shadi recite the words for himself, the corners of his smile sneaking themselves a bit higher as they seemed to bring the man some comfort. Though they'd managed to have some effect, it was clear by the gentle breath that escaped the man's lips that there was plenty still to weigh on him. The blonde tilt his head at the sound, brows knitting gently as his gaze turned in search of his features, steps guiding him forward as he continued along in line. It didn't cross his mind to check how far along they might have gotten, his attention too well fixed on Shadi to pay much mind to their surroundings.

"From where I'm standing, it looks like you could use some peace," he observed warmly, a playful digit reaching to give a gentle tap to the healthy skin just alongside the bruise sure to set in the meat of his arm. The curl of his lips softened with the sentiment.

"And maybe some strength, since you're carrying your family's prayers on your shoulders."

It was all too easy for Gao to sympathize. He'd carried wishes on his shoulders for plenty long, himself.

With the retracting of his finger, his smile brightened a fraction, offering some assurance before he turned his eyes forward again. His gaze showed thoughtful, looking through the line to peer into the middle distance as he contemplate the words offered only a moment ago.

"You know, I've never actually been to Dummarran. What's it like there?"


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It's your sword versus my dagger...

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Was it that obvious? That Shadi longed for peace? Peace of mind. Peace of heart. Peace of body. It did feel like most of his life, most of his world was less than peaceful. It pained him to admit it, even to himself, but it was true. It was just... was it that obvious? Again, his ears burned and he gazed down at his own hands, at his own feet, like somehow they would hold the answers he needed to address Gao's rightful assumptions of him.

His gaze turned to the hand that touched him, a gentle tap to the place where that woman had grasped him. The bruising wasn't immediately obvious against his dark skin, but he could feel it. Gao's light touch didn't cause pain but it still felt odd. Raw.

"Oh, it's..."

Shadi gazed off into the distance as he remembered life in his homeland.

"It's beautiful in a wild way. The markets are loud and colorful and there's always music and dancing. Traveling the desert is dangerous, though, unless you know your way or you go with a guide who does. It can all look the same for kilometers if you're not careful. But the moon has never looked so beautiful as it does in Dummarran. Maybe I could draw it for you some time." He paused, sheepish. "Maybe. I'm not that good..."

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