Spooky stories didn't rank high on his list of things to be terrified of and maybe because of his frequent trips through the cemetery, he found that he wasn't unduly terrified of the idea of ghosts. Zombies? Zombies were another matter altogether but ghosts didn't seem all that scary to him. If anything, he thought that ghosts were rather sad. Drifting through the after-life was bad enough without people running and shrieking at the sight of them--when surely all they wanted was some company. 

But was it worse to be a real ghost, or to be a real person but looked upon as a ghost? Kiki wasn't sure. Both were lonely existences; both were undesirable to some extent. "Which one of those would we be?" Were they to be feared? Or were they ignored--unless someone sought them out, for whatever personal intentions? 

"I wonder if there really is a place for ghosts like us." He side-eyed Yul, half-jokingly adding, "Or for real ghosts who still want to feel human."