The Vesta Suite was developed by Kendra Alvares, otherwise known as Arceus, in early 2019. Downloads, information, and support, for the Vesta Suite, can be found at its official support site on In Populus Technology, or through the Vesta coterie on RPG Initiative. Please do not redistribute the Vesta software.

Vesta is powered by jQuery, Bootstrap, jQuery UI, FontAwesome, Google Fonts, TinyMCE, reCAPTCHA, and a bunch of Greek gods, frustration, cussing, love, and excitement.

The original fantasy setting and premise information were created and written by Admin Stolitz with input from Admin Hex Huskerdust. The ICY themes were created by Admin Hex Huskerdust with assistance from Admin zushiba.

Our reaction emojis are from a resource pack. While we have done our best to track down the name of the creator of this pack, our first encounter was with a reddit user called gmendezm. If you have more information or you are the creator, please reach out to us in our guest friendly chatbox!

The floral backgrounds were created by Veronica By at The cloud backgrounds were created by ilonitta, also from All brush strokes were downloaded from

The images in the site headers and the crests for users were drawn by the ultra talented The Wrong Artist on Instagram. Please support the artist! Likewise, please support the artist of our advertisement image, Astero.

Pokemon is owned by The Pokemon Company, a Japanese consortium between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. We do not make any profit off any of our works of fiction here.

Most importantly, all original characters and posts are credited to their writers.