The World of IerĂ³s

Middle Kingdom

Known for its trade networks and general prosperity, the Middle Kingdom is more tolerant of outsiders than the Yamato or Gauri kingdoms. 

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The Temple of Life

The Temple of Life is so named because it is thought to be the origin of all life in the Middle Kingdom. Considered sacred ground, people come from all across the region to pray at its shrines.

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The Yamato Kingdom is a small and insular nation known for its spy network and its explorations into forbidden magic. Children with strong magical abilities are given schooling and training at the royal palace.

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Miraju Grottoes

A network of naturally occurring caves, the Miraju Grottoes are said to be home to mythical and often malicious supernatural creatures. 

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People of the Gauri Kingdom are known for their artistry, their love of beauty, and going to great lengths to preserve their traditional way of life--through any means necessary.  

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Bingha Tundra

A vast expanse of frozen wasteland plagued year-round by heavy snow storms, it is thought that no life can exist within the Bingha Tundra. 

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Whatever form your communications come in--letters, tin cans on a string, telepathy, shouting loudly--can take place here!

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Out of Character

Plots & Requests

This is where you can request plots and needed characters! Guest posting is enabled.

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This is our official out of character board, where you can share music, memes, and discussions!

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