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some f/f and a brother

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the painful
 Might as well come in swinging: I'd like to play some ladies in love with ladies. I've got a few Maybe Plots in mind, but I'm open to suggestions. I am not open to m/f with Zuri or Aoife, as they're both lesbians, so genders for the love interests are not open to change. FCs, plot ideas, and context are completely fine to discuss and change. If you are more comfortable with Fade to Black, I am open to it. I'm looking for more romance and sensuality than smut tbh.

Love Interest for Aoife
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Recommended FC: Pharah (Overwatch)

I'd like for Aoife to eventually go to the rebellion, and perhaps this love interest could be the catalyst for it. Aoife could be captured, because perhaps the rebellion needs more doctors, or maybe Aoife finds her injured somehow? Maybe she's called in to work on a prisoner, finds out why the prisoner is there, and breaks her out. And along the way they fall in love. I'm not 100% dedicated to the Pharah claim; basically the only reason I suggest it is because there's a lot of art of Pharah and Mercy and we could have cute matching icons.

Could also be an on-again, off-again relationship that's difficult to uphold because of Aoife's job and exhaustion. But I think the whirlwind "rebel meets the doctor and they run away together" could be cute.

More Lady Pirates - Taken
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No Recommended FC (but have an akali anyway)

So this could possibly tie in with Maruru's Pirate Crew claim, but maybe the Gunner and the Lookout are Wives. Maybe. Or they have this relationship where they're so obviously flirting with each other but they're like "does she really like me?" or they're "will they? won't they?"

Could also be a rival pirate that Zuri's like "god.... damn.... she's hot...." Or maybe she's a girl that Zuri shacks up with in port, and they're talking about becoming more than that? Or one of them wants more, the other doesn't, DRAMA. Just Thoughts.

Tendaji Kadzo
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Recommended FC: Miles Morales (Spiderman)

Zuri has a younger brother that's probably 16 or 17. She worries about him, but can no longer go back to him. He is a Starly or Deino shifter. He lives in Elysia, and thus spends most of his time collared. He could possibly get into trouble trying to figure out where his sister went, and there could be some fun family drama. They have a loving sibling relationship, with the usual teasing and arguments. He misses her very much, but he could be upset at her for leaving.

FC may be changed with the stipulation that he must be black.
 I'll take the lady pirate! Actually just got done writing an NRN for Naimi and I had fun with his sister in it, so she could be the rival maybe?

I'm thinking she's come to track Naimi down, after he ran away from home to search for his ~magic relic~ and everyone in his family thought that was just about the stupidest thing ever. *eyeroll* But they're worried about him and she finally took it upon herself to track him down--with her own ship and crew, because she is a lady pirate~

Personality-wise, she's probably going to be quite dramatic, since it runs in the family. But she's also hard because--hey, she a pirate more than she a lady. Even though she looks refined, she has a potty mouth and can be pretty crass sometimes.

To integrate some of your ideas, maybe they shack up at a random port without knowing who the other one is, and then later on when her ship attacks Naimi's (because yes. She's going to sink his goddamn ship in order to bring him home) and she comes swinging onto his skimmer from hers, they can be like "...YOU!"

Any of that work for you?  
the painful
 I dig it. It'd be interesting to see where they'd go after the realization. Perhaps they'll just be rivals, perhaps more-- I'm down for anything organically happening! I don't have too much to add, considering most of it I'd want to see in how it plays out first.
 Yeah I don't want to set anything in stone either, so playing it by ear works for me. It also depends on what kind of chemistry they have, so we'll just have to see how it goes! I'll make her as soon as I have a couple more posts on Naimi.  https://files.jcink.net/uploads2/pkmnbattlecry/Smilies/tumblr_inline_nlm6abnBGM1qid2nw.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='https://files.jcink.net/uploads2/pkmnbattlecry/Smilies/tumblr_inline_nlm6abnBGM1qid2nw.gif' />  



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