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In love with tragedy

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Edore perused the various stalls in the darker area of the black market. It was more of a shadow market; a place to procure the kind of ingredients an alchemist such as himself needed. And this alchemist needed something... alive. He stroked his chin thoughtfully as he moved to the next stall and looked over the seedy woman sitting crosslegged on the table. She eyed him, too.

"What're you searching for?" the woman asked, dragging a look over him. His smile was deceptively gentle as he slid his hands inside his sleeves and lowered his head.

"Monsters," he told her. "Live ones."

There were more violent ways to procure such things but for an alchemist, there were faster ways to get his hands on what he wanted. Not to mention his ability to create Qi for his use as needed. He withdrew his hand from his sleeve and gently shook the bag he held. The jingle was telling and the woman sat up a little straighter, smiling with a crooked set of teeth.

She pointed further down and he plopped the bag in front of her with a nod before continuing down the market street.

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