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Want ad for Ronan's friend

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 I'm sure there will be more things here in time, but at the moment, I'm looking for a specific character for Ronan Fawkes and that is the best friend mentioned in his history. Basically, Ronan has a lot of shitty friends that he ran around with during his younger years and they're either in prison or they're in gangs or they're in compromised positions. But a friend Ronan made around when he was maybe 12 or 13 (before his first shift, because the friend was there for him when it happened), was introduced to him by his father. He is the child of a friend of his father's.

The friend has been Ronan's voice of reason, even through his delinquent years. Not that he needs to be a goody-two-shoes or anything like that but he's a reasonable guy. I for some reason imagine him to wear glasses and he's kind of a smarty pants (which is why I noted that glasses wearing assholes are an "annoyance" to him). He loves his best pal but you know, they've grown together so they can take the piss out of each other too.

I'm looking for somebody around his age, maybe a year or two older or younger, but definitely wiser. Probably grew up in a more affluent family than Ronan, parents probably don't care much for Ronan but they tolerate him for the sake of Ronan's father.

He doesn't necessarily NEED to be male, I just imagined him as a male. But it's not really that important to the character.

ANYWAY, if interested, feel free to PM me here on my OOC account. I'll get back a lot faster that way, or if you let me know you're on discord, I can hop on and chat.

 Can his name be Jax? 🤣
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