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Welcome to Battle Cry, a unique pokemon shifter fantasy roleplay! We have no word count, no application process, and we utilize character accounts. Read More! You can find all kinds of information there, including a list of face claims, current shift types, and more! Post at our guest help desk if you need any help!Don’t like the default dark theme? Try changing to the light variant!Sorry, but Battle Cry is now CLOSED.

Playable Species and NPCs


Here on Battle Cry, Pokemon are referred to as Ferals or Monsters. They occur across every pokemon generation that you can find in the games. Ferals/Monsters attack anything that moves, be it Organic, Shifter Magi, animal, vegetable or mineral. They also attack each other, causing destruction and chaos across Quora Prime.

Ferals/Monsters are immune to The Dawn, as they originated from another planet.

Xiao are mini-dragons that originate from the island of Navir. Poachers often nab them after they hatch and sell them off as pets. They are of a similar size to the ordinary house cat and have a temperament that closely follows cats as well.

Battle Cry is a fantasy site as well as a pokemon site, which means that in addition to pokemon, we also have normal (Earth-bound) animals like rats, horses, chickens, etc. We also have fantasy creatures--anything you can reasonably think of that belongs in a fantasy setting goes!

However, they may only be played as an NPC, and not as a unique character.

Playable Species

Organics (plural)/Organic (singular)
Organics are the original inhabitants of Quora Prime, regarded as the superior, ruling species. They lived in peace and harmony before the moon shattered, and before monsters flooded the planet. Organics are humanoid, resembling humans in terms of physiology and biological function. However, their hair and eye colors may be any shade in the visible spectrum, unlike humans who are restricted to only a few colors.

All Organics are born with weak magical powers--if any at all, mostly unable to tap into the lines of mana that run throughout the planet. They learned to harness the power of mana to fuel their automatons and machinery, however, building sprawling cities and towers that reached up into the skies.

Since the moon was the only source of light illuminating the planet for untold centuries, Organics are born sun-blind. They have hypersensitivity to light, to the point where even the slightest glimpse of strong light can blind them; however, they have excellent night vision so they need very little light to see by. Thus, they live out most of their lives in relative darkness. Cities typically are domed to keep out the rising sun, which the people call The Dawn. It is a feared event which began to occur after their moon was destroyed, plunging the entire planet into light.

Organics may either have no abilities or some, but they must be weakly affiliated to no more than 2 elements.

Shifter Magi (plural)/Shifter Mage (singular)/Shifter (if you’re lazy)
Shifter Magi are Organics who can shift into ferals and are treated like trash and scum, with few rights and fewer freedoms. They acquire their shifting ability in one of two ways:

1. They are bitten or scratched by a feral and survive the encounter. Pokemon attacks (i.e. shadow ball, vine whip, etc.) do not confer the ability to shift. Only a physical injury that breaks the skin results in the ability to shift, always into the pokemon that first attacked the Organic.

2. They are born from a union of either two Shifter Magi, or one Organic and one Shifter Mage. Two Organics will never produce a Shifter Mage. The resulting baby can shift into one of their parents' forms (in the case of two Shifter Magi). In some cases, rare mutations can cause the baby to shift into a different species.

Shifting is uncontrolled at the beginning and is excruciating. Over time, Shifter Magi may be able to better control their shifts until they can trigger it at will. Through mechanisms unknown, being able to shift produces the ability to connect to mana, allowing for more powerful magical abilities to manifest.

Shifter Magi may possess between 1 to 4 different magical abilities accessible in their out-of-shift forms. Their powers are aligned with whatever types their shifts belong to, so they may have no more than two elemental types.

Once they have shifted enough times, some may evolve, but this is a random process. Their pokemon forms may have no more than 4 moves.

Here are some examples of out-of-shift abilities:
A Shifter Mage who turns into a Bulbasaur will only be able to have Grass-Type-related abilities such as having a green thumb or being able to hear plants scream. One who shifts into a ghastly will only be able to have Ghost and Poison-Type-related abilities like phasing into walls and getting stuck there or excreting poisonous tears or saliva. Feel free to be as creative with these abilities as you wish, and try to tie them in with the pokemon that your character shifts into!

Since they are much more powerful than their Organic counterparts, Shifter Magi may be muzzled in certain areas. They are fitted with collars that weaken their out-of-shift abilities.

Elysia: All Shifter Magi wear collars, no exceptions. (However some may break their collars or tamper with them in order to disable them.)
Tuari: Only those in prison wear collars. Otherwise, collars are not worn here.
Navir: None wear collars, as this is seen as a violation of basic rights.

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