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Playable Areas

Playable Areas

There are several playable areas on Quora Prime, which will be detailed below. This is not mandatory reading, but is merely for informational purposes. For those interested, CLICK HERE for a map of the continents!

Elysia is a semi-circular continent conjoined with Tuari. Elysia City is its capital and is the largest settlement by far, located at the center of the continent. A large dome was put into place to block out the effects of The Dawn, so Elysia City is also the safest place to live.

The temperature within the city is controlled, regardless of the weather outside, so Elysia City is a massive consumer of mana. Seasons are simulated within the giant dome, as well as night and day cycles.

Elsewhere on the continent there are smaller camps and settlements, but no other major cities that survived razing by ferals. Elysia is the second-most dangerous continent as well, in terms of numbers of ferals freely roaming the land.

An irregularly-shaped continent, Tuari was the site of the first feral landings. Nearly all of its cities were razed to the ground, forcing the people to flee to the southern-most tip where natural mountain ranges offered some protection from roaming feral bands. Tuari is the most exposed continent; therefore, people have resorted to living in underground housing and bunkers. The above-ground factories and buildings which remained, that are still in operation, are fiercely guarded by defenders. The climate here, however, is temperate and mild, with regular summers and winters.

Travel to and from Tuari is government-regulated, as each journey from Elysia city to Tuari takes 15 cycles of The Dawn (i.e. 15 days). Mercenaries, defenders and many other precautions are taken to ensure the safety of travelers, who must sign up in advance to make the trip. It is also quite an expensive trip, costing upwards of 3000 Qi.

Navir is a tropical island (and therefore is summer year-round!), with much of its Eastern side covered in Umbrella Trees--gigantic plants with hollow trunks, tall arching root systems and massive leaves that look like umbrellas, hence the name. Tribes have found ways to bore into and form houses in the trunks of trees, as well as up in the thick branches, forming interesting networks of treehouses.

Being on the water, Navir is plagued by rebels--especially pirates who raid the coasts. Travel to Navir is also government-controlled, with travelers being shuttled back and forth in mana-powered naval SKIMMERS--flat-bottomed flying crafts that "skim" the surface of the water to avoid exposure to ferals.

Anywhere else on Quora Prime! The general areas outside of the above three cities/continents is referred to collectively as Pandora. This also includes the Western Hemisphere of the planet, which is constantly bombarded by light from the sun--and thus is inaccessible to the light-blind people of the planet.

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