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Welcome to Battle Cry, a unique pokemon shifter fantasy roleplay! We have no word count, no application process, and we utilize character accounts. Read More! You can find all kinds of information there, including a list of face claims, current shift types, and more! Post at our guest help desk if you need any help!Don’t like the default dark theme? Try changing to the light variant!Sorry, but Battle Cry is now CLOSED.

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To add your open thread to the open thread list, simply use the tag open in the tag area when you create a new thread. When you no longer want the thread to show up on the list, then delete the tag. (Scroll down to the bottom of the thread and you'll see a list of tags there with a red X beside them.) You can also use tags in order to tag characters, any content warnings you'd like to add, and just to add a bit of flavor text. There's really no wrong way to use tags! And remember, you can always delete them by scrolling to the bottom of your thread and deleting them! If you have any questions that weren't addressed on this page, feel free to ask Rastaban or Maruru!
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Beauty is only skin deepruraRura0578

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