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Serion Antoun
SpeciesServine Shifter
JobShifter Mage Scout
Face ClaimZerato (Epic Seven)

The Antoun family is one of the oldest families in Elysia City, born to noble origins and royalty. They are still highly respected to this day and the Antoun name carries a lot of weight.

Enter Serion, the middle child, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Being born the middle child, he's always felt as if he didn't get the attention he deserved. His achievements were constantly compared with his older brother's; his failures were brought to light as something that his younger brother Benji should avoid. Whatever he did, it never felt like quite enough and over the years that manifested in Serion's tendency to act out, be loud and obnoxious to attract attention from anyone in the vicinity. He likes to act tough to make up for his short stature and unimpressive body size, and to his credit he's quite scrappy. He's a fighter, even if the odds are against him, but he's also too dumb to know when to tap out.

Coming from a fairly wealthy family with an image to uphold, Serion knew early on that he wasn't going to have a good time in life. His parents had high expectations for all of their children and tried to provide them with the best. But Serion was born different. He hated the tutors that his parents hired to prepare him for that prison they called The Academy of Sciences. He wanted to be outside satisfying his curiosity; he wanted to mingle with the 'other half,' those who weren't born with silver spoons in their mouths, because he knew--he just knew!--that their lives were far more interesting than his would ever be.

One night, when he was nineteen, he snuck out with his little brother Benji in tow--they were going to have an adventure! Serion managed to get as far as the walls of the city, where unfortunately ferals were attacking and defenders were hard-pressed to keep them back. He and his little brother were caught up in the mix; Benji nearly died in the encounter, while Serion got away with a broken arm and several fractured ribs.

Both managed to pull through, but were discovered at the hospital to be shifters. There was nothing to do about it, though. Rion eventually left home, unable to bear the blame-casting and shaming, and found his calling in becoming a scout. He grew to dislike the very wealth that he was born into and sought to distance himself from the Antoun family name.
Speedy -- Thanks to his Servine form, Rion is a zippy little bastard. He also has an amazing reaction time, but lacks greatly in the strength department.

Green Thumb -- For some reason, Serion is amazing with plants. He secretly enjoys raising garlic and onions but... shhh. Don't tell anyone--it'll ruin his reputation!

His servine form, like his human form, is shrimpy--about 20% smaller than normal.

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