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Sumisu Nininga
SpeciesNinjask Shifter
JobTattooist Intern
Face ClaimHaste [Epic Seven]

Sumisu was born in a home of extreme differences. His parents married under pressure. While they loved one another, there were fundamental differences in how they processed the world and in turn, how they wanted to raise their only son. Sumisu’s mother was the gentle, loving type. She worked in the pokemon nursery and she believed in nurturing her son.

However, on the opposite end of his upbringing, Sumisu’s father, an instructor, believed in strict discipline. He expected his son to excel at everything that he was presented with, and because of this, Sumisu’s hatred of losing bloomed. He had to be first, number one, the top… or else he thought of himself as a failure.

Before he even shifted, it was suspected he would be like his father, a Ninjask. Why? Because he was born blind and his eyesight slowly grew better over the years, only becoming stronger after his evolutionary shift to ninjask. Before that, Sumisu felt helpless and he hated every moment of it.

Sumisu is a world of contradictions. He is smart, but this isn’t always reflected in his work at the academy. He tends to leave things half finished if he’s bored by the project. But if there’s a real drive to prove himself, if it’s something he’s highly interested in, then Sumi will do his best to make sure he’s the BEST at what he’s doing.

His first shift wasn’t much of a surprise. While his mother hoped he would be an eevee shifter like she had been before she became a sylveon, he turned out to be more like his father. Still, his mother did his best to cultivate any creativity in her son, still nurturing him despite how she and his father fell at odds on how to raise him. Because of his desire to be Best Boy, Sumisu was able to evolve his shifting to the next level when he was eighteen, to which he feels immensely proud because his father took much longer to do so.

Around the same time, Sumisu began interning at Black Lotus, due to his interest in body art. He is hoping to get a full time job there once he finally leaves the academy in a year.

His mother has since begun working at the academy as a teacher of caring for pokemon.
ENHANCED SPEED/AGILITY. In his human form, he is granted extra speed and agility due to his ninjask blood. He’s not fast enough to teleport or anything but he tends to be quick and able to dodge regular human attacks. That’s not to say he can’t be caught in other ways, of course.

TOXIC BLOOD. His blood is toxic poison to some other shifts, except those with the ability to heal or ward off poison.

SUNBLIND. Because of his status as a nincada once upon a time, the sun still effects him negatively. He is nearly blind in the sun.

ARTIST. Sumi is a pretty good artist, although he's still coming into his own style.

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