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Acid Burn
SpeciesRaboot Shifter
JobSurveillance/IT Expert
HomelandEyvindr Prison
Face ClaimNoiz (DRAMAtical Murder)

While 'Acid Burn' isn't his real name, he prefers to go by it since it's a hell of a lot better than his real name, Claude-Henri Augustin Isidore. Yeaaah.

His father was of the royal family--a close cousin to the King--but made the fatal mistake of falling in love with a "commoner" shifter woman. He kept their relationship a secret for several months but eventually was found out. Rather than exiling him, the royal family sent the woman to Tuari prison, where she gave birth to Acid.

Thing is, one of the Wardens also took an interest in her during her stay...

Taken from his mother after she gave birth to him, he was put under the care of the very people who imprisoned her--the Wardens of Tuari. His mother eventually succumbed to the poor conditions at the prison and passed away, with Acid having never truly known her. The only thing he has from her is his name, but it's too much even for him to keep so he goes by his hacker name instead.

Whatever he knows of his family has been found out through code breaking and hacking into records, piecing it all together himself. He's quite the little detective, though whatever he looks into is purely out of personal interest or for selfish reasons--Acid's not using those skills for "the greater good." At the prison, he is in charge of maintaining the prisoners' collars and making sure they're fully operational at all times.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't turn them on and off randomly, just to fuck with the other Wardens.

Personality-wise, he's a wise-cracking, cocky punk ass with no regard for authority figures and a fetish for piercings—the more the better. His tongue is also as sharp as his name and his words usually always have a bite or a sting at the end of them. He loves to fight as well to work off his aggressions; the bigger the opponent, the better, because Acid is no slouch either.

Acid has a porygon feral that he managed to tame; it invaded his system one night and he introduced a virus to it to change its violent temperament to a docile one. Now he uses it to hack into his opponents' systems. Haha suckers.

He can only taste salty and bitter foods after destroying his taste buds as a kid from improperly using his abilities. He hates both these flavors.
Overheat -- Acid's environment has to be kept cold; otherwise, his body temperature climbs and he overheats, which can be dangerous. Having poor control over his abilities as a kid, he burned most of the pain receptors in his body, resulting in a vastly diminished sensitivity to stimuli. This means he feels less pain and less pressure against his skin and on his body than most other people, although he is still temperature sensitive.

People have also likened his office--which he calls The Control Room--to a walk-in refrigerator.

Hotfoot -- He has a nasty kick because he can set his foot on fire and put it in someone's face. The flames don't hurt him--but they sure as hell hurt everyone else.

Fire Mage -- He can cast simple fire spells like fireballs and can ignite most materials at will.

Speedy -- Thanks to his shifted form, he has incredible speed and hand-eye coordination.

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