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Aurelius Celenwe
JobKing's First Blade/Advisor
Face ClaimGhislain (Reine des Fleurs)

Known as the King Maker, Aurelius has served the royal family since age fifteen, when he caught the eye of the King and was made his lover. When that King died only three years later, Aurelius came under service to the new King, although rumors surfaced that he and the then-crown prince conspired to do away with the former King.

Nothing was proven, however, and time paved over those unfortunate stories.

Not five years later, that King died too. Somehow, Aurelius again became Blade to the new King, a young boy merely eighteen years old. The starry-eyed new King, by all appearances, seemed smitten with Aurelius to the point of crowning him Advisor as well as King's Blade, a dual-honor that none have yet achieved.

There are those that would point to Aurelius' heritage, not being a high-born noble but a mere mixed blood. There are also those who recall his patchy history and his less-than-clean record at keeping previous Kings alive. But no one could convince the King that Aurelius was a danger, and so Aurelius remains in power, seen as the man behind the throne, the one with the ideas and the ambition to drive Elysia towards inevitable war with Tuari.

Aurelius is a cold man with a calculating mind, obsessed with beauty and not given to many words. He is persuasive in his own right, but much in the way that a snake is persuasive to a mouse under its hypnotic gaze, not giving his prey many chances at escaping his clutches. Now that he has his sights set on the Queen's Blade, it's only a matter of time before his plans are set in motion...
Camouflage -- He can blend in so well with his surroundings that you'd hardly know he was there. This is done through light refraction (weak psychic affiliation) and being able to hold still for incredible amounts of time.

Sword Art -- Due to his elegant lines and beautiful form, Aurelius' swordsmanship has been compared to an art. He performs for the King but his skills are also for more than mere show--he is a practiced Blade and is deadly with his weapon.

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