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Takeuchi Gun
HomelandTuli Village, Navir
Face ClaimSakamaki Subaru (Diabolik Lovers)

Gun grew up the youngest son of two Organic defenders, protecting the elders of Tuli village. He entered into service at a young age alongside his brother, where he saw action early on--too early. His defender group was ambushed by ferals and they suffered heavy losses in the battle. It wasn't until two weeks later that they were able to be extracted, but the original group had dwindled down to only two--Gun and another defender called Yarin.

He came back to Tuli a changed man. Most of his former personality remained intact but he was notably more skittish, easily prone to starting at sudden noises, whirling around to stare at ghosts that no one else saw. He tried to hide his mental instability from his loved ones and eventually dropped off the grid completely, ending up in the streets of Elysia City a year later.

Gun is all angles and no curves, but is neither hard nor soft--something strange in between. His hair has turned grayish-white prematurely from the stress of life out in the wild and on the streets, cropped short and chopped off at random by inexpert hands, falling untidily over one eye. He has long, spidery fingers and thin hands and appears to be all arms and legs, so skinny that he could probably fall through a crack in the sidewalk.

He always looks as though he might fall apart at any moment, dissemble into a pile of bones and skin, but somehow he keeps himself together. Maybe it's magic that binds his parts together, or maybe it's that primitive need to survive that keeps him going, reflected in the deep red-brown of his eyes.

He is completely deaf in his right ear, so often he will physically turn his body toward others in order to hear them properly.

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