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Sun Xiu
JobDuke of House Jade
Face ClaimSha Wu Sheng [Thunderbolt Fantasy]

Born into the noble House Jade, Sun Xiu, who goes by the style name Huashi (花式 --fancy--NOT FOSSIL) never actually expected to become the duke. There was a number of people who would succeed before him, so he spent his time as a child learning, a classical education of history and the arts. He eventually chose to also pursue the art of the sword, taken by the sight of sword dancers and especially delighted by the beauty of it.

Then the massacre of Jade House occurred. Most of the family was murdered in the massacre, leaving only the young son of the current duke--only ten years old at the time, Huashi's little sister, and Huashi himself, who was 21.

Now some six years later, he's attempting to place the duke's actual son in his rightful place... but some people have a problem with that...
Swordplay -- Or as he prefers to call himself, a sword dancer. His aim was always aesthetic when it comes to using swords but that's not to say he can't fight when he needs to.
The Story of Sun Xiu

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