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Noelle Bellamy
SpeciesAromatisse Shifter
JobHawkeye Gunner
HomelandGreen Leaf Island
Face ClaimMitra (King's Raid)

Have you heard of the infamous Hawkeye Gunner Noelle Bellamy?!?

Me neither.

He gave himself that name because 'gunner' sounded too plain and kind of lame, and Noe isn't about that life. Brash and loud and attention-seeking, he can't seem to tame that energy inside--especially around his partner, who seems to bring out the last trait to its fullest. Like, why won't he look at him when he's doing something cool?!

And why can't he admit that Noe is a cool ass dude?!

Noe never knew his father but legend has it that he was some type of flying shifter who was injured and crash-landed on the small island his mother lived on. His mother says that his father eventually left the island when he found out she was pregnant, because he already had another family.

The subject of his father is a sensitive one for him and while he claims that he doesn't want to even know the guy, he's been looking pretty hard for him.

Before leaving the island he was definitely a mama's boy, although his travels with Caliban have hardened him a bit. Not a whole lot, though, because he's still at heart a mama's boy and he misses her something awful. Yet, the prospect of seeing the outside world was too strong, which was why he happily left with Caliban--even if he knows that Caliban never wanted him to come along in the first place.

Noe definitely likes YOUNGER guys who are SHORTER than him, with LONG HAIR! This is DEFINITELY the TRUTH!

He evolved shortly after he left the island with Caliban, carrying a sachet made by his mother containing sacred stones. Noe keeps the sachet on him at all times and will not allow anyone to touch it or look inside it.
Accuracy and precision -- He uses dual pistols in battle, with magically infused bullets. The type of magic depends on the  target that he's facing, taking advantage of type match-ups.

Healing -- Abilities learned from his mother, a healer herself.
The Story of Noelle Bellamy

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