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Seth Drake
SpeciesMightyena Shifter Mage
Face ClaimCreed Diskenth [Black Cat]

Despite being raised in a family of ne'er- do-well Shifter Magi, Seth didn't have a terrible upbringing. However, they did harbor resentment towards the government for their treatment of Shifter Magi, as well as the belief that in order to keep the inner monster in check, one must embrace it. Seth saw no reason to question this, even as he got older.

Even after leaving home, he maintains these beliefs and now works as a solo assassin for whoever chooses to hire him. Outside of that, Seth generally keeps to himself. People tend to annoy him, unless he considers them part of his "pack".
Bite: Thanks to his shifted form, Seth has unusually sharp teeth and jaw strength that surpasses that of the average Organic. This allows him to tear flesh and crush bone like a feral would.

Umbrakinesis: Seth has an affinity for shadows and can bend them to his will, even making them tangible to be used as weapons or as a way of hiding himself.

Dark Energy Manipulation: Seth can channel dark energy from his hands to attack directly or imbue an ordinary weapon with dark energy.

Quick Feet: Thanks to his shifted form, Seth is able to run at much higher speeds than most Organics.
Seth Drake's story has yet to be written.

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