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Welcome to Battle Cry, a unique pokemon shifter fantasy roleplay! We have no word count, no application process, and we utilize character accounts. Read More! You can find all kinds of information there, including a list of face claims, current shift types, and more! Post at our guest help desk if you need any help!Don’t like the default dark theme? Try changing to the light variant!Sorry, but Battle Cry is now CLOSED.

SpeciesPrimarina Mage
JobTraveling Performer
Face ClaimAqua/Azura [Fire Emblem Fates]

Kishiko don't know what was her real name is. It has chanced so many names she had forgotten it and most of her childhood. Her parents were both magi but everything about them aside from that is a blank. When she was young she was given up to criminal to pay off a long-term debt. She became a servant to  gluttonous swing living under almost inhumane conditions. That would be first of many times she would pawned off a person. Quite the rigorous cycle but she kept her head up no matter what.

After a while, she grew stronger in her shift and abilities which led to escape the clutches another master. She was successful for no matter the search party or the person could catch her. She always was able to elude them. until she met one who was cunning enough to bring out into open and pinned down with sword against her neck.

This Unnamed Man had silver long hair and the piecing amber eyes of the devil. For what seem like hours ,but in reality just a few minutes, they stared into other eyes without saying a word and he let her go then disappeared into the night.

No more search parties or people came look for her after that. She was free to what she was able to find her passion in performing under a name she had chosen for herself, Kishiko. The man still made his presence known to her as he appears every so often staying longer to give supplies or a small gift even once of twice saving her life from rogues and handsy man.

A indescribable bond began to grow and  for Kishiko there was longing to understand her admirer  who he was. On one occasion,she reach meeting him she grabbed his hand as he was about to depart knowing full well if he wanted he could kill in heartbreak.



"I-you have been helping for while now so I have hoping I could return that favor. Possible you could stay a little longer?"


Kishiko sighed letting go him but he didn't to her confused. then by his gaze she seemed to know what he wanted as led him to her camp. "Please stay forever." The man has never left her side since.
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
Pokemon Form
Ability: Torrent
Sparkling Aria
Ice Beam

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”
Human Form
Phenomenal Performance Skills: To Kishiko the ability to dance and sing  is her life. It just flows out naturally sometime on whim. This making every performance different and unique from the last.

Basic Survival Skills: Outside of the cities it's a good do or die world. No must their learn to survive or die. She has learned this way before most should.

Human Abilities
Water Breathing:  You can't drown in her water. She can stay underwater for indefinite period.

Healing/ Hurting Aura: This stems from her fairy side. She can positive emotions to heal someone while negative emotions can hurt but she must be in contract to have an effect.

Feral Speaker: Thanks to being half -feral she understand them no problem at all.

Water Bender:  Kishiko can control any water she come into contact with
The Story of Kishiko

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