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Laith Farazi
SpeciesGhost Mana Sprite
JobSeeker of Souls
HomelandPlane of Death
Face ClaimJudal/Judar (Magi: Labyrinth of Magic)

One of the four Farazi Brothers, all stemming from the Sacrarab line of the Bug God, Laith is the Reaper of Quora Prime. He seeks out souls, whether Organic or Magi, and every time he consumes a soul, his magic abilities grow that much stronger.

Even in his Organic form, Laith doesn't appear fully Organic... mostly because of his habitual floating in the air.

Despite being a part bug shifter, Laith HATES bugs.
Shifts into a Duamantis.

???-DUAMANTIS [Duamutef-Mantis]
-The Reaper Pokemon
-Ability:  Gravekeeper* - Hyper Cutter(HA)
-Dex: "This pokemon makes is nest on abandoned tombs and lonesome graveyards, where it preys on wandering souls, even attacking other ghost pokemons and consuming their essence. It will protect its nest at all cost, using its sickle-like pincers to slash anyone or anything that disturbs its peace."
     -Night Slash
     -Shadow Claw
     -Sword Dance

*When an ally faints, this pokemon Def. and Atk raise up by 2 stages
The Story of Laith Farazi

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