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Ronan Fawkes
SpeciesJoltik Shifter
JobCode Breaker
Face ClaimChara [Criminale!]

While Ronan was born within the safe walls of Elysia, the rest of his family wasn’t so lucky. His father lived a double life, doing his best to appear as a normal human being to the point that when he married his wife, he was still too nervous to tell her about it until she witnessed his shift herself. Despite that, her love for him was greater than her fear of shifters and they lived a quiet and happy life in the forests of the northern continent.

It wasn’t until their first son, Rory, was born, that life changed. Rory was a troublemaker of the worst kind. He was a criminal. When he discovered his ability to shift, he abused it until the family was noticed and collared, taken into the walls of Elysia. Although the academy tried to reform his brother, it didn’t work and in the end, Rory found himself in prison.

Enter Ronan. He was born shortly after the family was brought inside the walls of Elysia. His mother, who had been sick during the pregnancy, only grew sicker afterward. Eventually, she succumbed to her sickness and passed on, leaving Ronan to be raised by his father alone. The hard birth also left Ronan legally blind in one eye. Ronan hardly knew his brother and never knew his mother. All he knew was his hard-working father, who did his best to raise his younger son with his heavy heart. But some part of him blamed Ronan for the death of his beloved wife and he maintained a distance from his son that left Ronan yearning for more.

When Ronan began to act out much like his older brother, his father wanted to nip it in the bud immediately. He spoke with the academy professors that worked with his son and he begged them to help. They did their best and they introduced him to friends they hoped would be a good influence on him. It turned out to be a mixed bag, because Ronan was a bad influence on a few of his friends but the one who would become his best friend turned out to be his voice of reason. He was there during Ronan’s first shift and he was there to help him when he needed somebody to talk to about his mother, his brother, his father—his dysfunctional family.

After graduating the academy, Ronan began work as a code cracker, as it turned out to be his passion during school. He doesn’t work for the law enforcement per se, but he does consult with them when they need somebody like him when they’re stalled in an investigation.
Electricity Absorb. Ronan has the ability to absorb electricity, either from attacks or just from electronics in general. However, this kind of backfires on him, since it means a lot of his electronics tend to die a lot sooner than normal… due to him sucking out all their energy for himself.

Elecro Wire. He can create wire webbing with an electrical current. This current isn't much stronger than a standard setting on a taser, able to briefly debilitate a person but not cause lasting harm. If the webbing is torn before it contacts the intended target, it effectively disables the ability, rendering the webbing little more than that of a typical spider webbing.

Unnerve. By staring at somebody with his disconcerting gaze and exerting energy, he can cause the person to lose their appetite. It generally only lasts for half an hour or so.

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