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The Ley Lines / Separation Anxiety
« on: July 02, 2020, 06:00 PM »
How's old man Hou Da treating you? I should be home tomorrow. This meeting ran long so I'm staying overnight. Anything I'm missing?


Plotting and Requests / House Jade
« on: July 01, 2020, 08:22 PM »
Need a royal character? Want a connection right off the bat? WELL, here we have Sun Xiu (goes by the name Huashi) and I am looking for his younger sister and his cousin. They are what is left of House Jade, although they can also have servants if you're looking for a less lofty rule.

For the younger sister, I'd like her to be between 20-25 years old. I see her as the more practical of the siblings and she probably has to often rein her fancy pants brother in when he seeks out a fight with other noble houses. She's organic like the rest of the family and 99% of the nobles. (Sorry about that but you can always have her turn into a shifter later in the story!) She's honestly the best and most capable person to take over the position of duke/duchess whatever you want to call it, and most likely will end up taking it. Maybe. Unless plot stuff changes that. Heheh!

Being held for somebody--
For the cousin, he's 16 years old and extremely immature, he was traumatized by what happened during the massacre and actually saw it take place, however he never said who it was, despite being questions multiple times over the years. Whenever it comes up, he just shuts down and starts humming and rocking. Who did it? Well, we can plot that out because guess what, I don't know! I'm just playing it by ear because it's funner that way! Hehe. Anyway, other than the way he gets whenever the trauma is brought up, the cousin is actually quite bright and talkative and has a deep love of flying critters, so he has lots of birds and a whole atrium he had built in his mother's chambers after she died. He has a very codependent nature when it comes to Huashi, though, which is making it difficult to try and ascend him to his rightful place as the duke. He's organic as well.

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