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The King's Guard

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 The King of Elysia, a mere figurehead, nevertheless commands great respect amongst the people, seen as a symbol of the prosperity that Quora Prime enjoyed before the moon shattered.

The King's House is separate from the Queen's House, though both do not wield any true power--that is the council's job, to make governing decisions. For the most part, the royal family are only trotted out when morale is low, to stir up nationalistic pride amongst the citizens of Elysia.

This ad is for the King's Guardsmen, known as the King's Blades. There are thirteen, ranked from one (most important) to thirteen (least important), all of whom are Organics. They would have come through the Blade Academy as well, but their relationship with the King may be purely platonic instead of sexual--that's up to you to decide. They may be men or women as well.

The King himself is also OPEN, however if you choose to take him, please be somewhat active as he is involved in an overarching plot line with the Queen and several other Blades. As for the King, he is currently smitten with his First Blade, @Aurelius Celenwe who is also his advisor, serving a dual-role. The Kind is also quite young and impressionable, having ascended the throne at age 18, and his relationship with the Queen is rather cold and distant. Anything else is up to you--please PM me if you want this role, so we can plot!  https://files.jcink.net/uploads2/pkmnbattlecry/Smilies/tumblr_inline_nlm6abnBGM1qid2nw.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='https://files.jcink.net/uploads2/pkmnbattlecry/Smilies/tumblr_inline_nlm6abnBGM1qid2nw.gif' />  

List of Blades:

First Blade -- @Aurelius Celenwe



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