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Akhua Rebels: Fraternity of Brothers

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 This ad is for members of the rebel group calling themselves the Akhua, or the fraternity.

Most (but not all) members are related in some way, because if you can’t trust family, who can you trust, right? This means members are usually brought in by being born into the family or they marry into the group. Strangers are rarely allowed, unless they have been proven to be trustworthy.

The goal of the Akhua is to bring down the royal family and to assassinate the current Queen—because they were once royals themselves. Through political intrigue and backstabbing, they were ousted and sent into exile at Tuari, where they disappeared for a short while before resurfacing as a new rebel group.

Members of this rebel group can be Organics or shifters (of any kind) and a variety of positions are open. If you have questions or ideas, feel free to post them here or PM me!

Current Members:

@Khayli Madaei  -- Leader



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