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Cathedral of the Sacred Blood

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A mysterious cult of unknown origins has begun to make itself known. Its members, known as Blood Disciples, appeared one day across all regions of Quora Prime. They do not recruit through persuasion. Those chosen to become Blood Disciples simply disappear and reappear again far from home, sporting the markings of the Blood Disciple--a red teardrop tattoo on the inside left wrist.

When asked, they all respond in the same way: that they have been blessed by the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood to carry out the Blood God's final edict. What is this final edict? No one knows--or if they do, they refuse to say anything. Rumor is that it has something to do with the monsters attacking Quora Prime.

Blood Disciples retain their original personalities, memories and abilities. Most would claim that they have joined the group willingly, despite the violent ways in which they have been torn from their homes. When confronted by loved ones, they insist that they no longer wish to return home--and that their new home is with the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood.


This is an open group want ad; simply make a character and post below to have them added to the list.

1. @Shine -- Blood Disciple
2. @Degenhard -- Blood Cultist
3. @Bloom -- Blood Rites Summoner
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Finally made somebody for this. Sorry it took so long. T^T
OooOoOOoOOoo  :luv:


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