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Welcome to Battle Cry, a unique pokemon shifter fantasy roleplay! We have no word count, no application process, and we utilize character accounts. Read More! You can find all kinds of information there, including a list of face claims, current shift types, and more! Post at our guest help desk if you need any help!Don’t like the default dark theme? Try changing to the light variant!Sorry, but Battle Cry is now CLOSED.

The Lycan

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So I've created an airship group! It's made up of mostly shifters, but there's a handful of useful organics aboard, too, as long as they're the sympathetic kind and not jerk asses like a lot of organics.

Esker is the current so-called captain because he inherited the ship from his father who helped build it. But Esker is kind of not a fan of being a leader so if a character wants to bust their way to the captainship, that would be fun!

So their thing is that they're Robin Hood types. They search the world over for treasure, occasionally rob rich organics, and whatever they do find, they give to smaller shifter communities in need.

Here's a list of the crew so far! I'll add others as they come!

@Esker  -- current captain and pilot
@Eliel -- mechanic
@Shana Hari -- Soon-to-be captain 😏
@Phylo  -- core engine
@Lazarus -- Physician
@Suhru -- Lookout/Laz's helper/mom
Shana for sure, he wants his own ship and he's a good lookout. After the debacle with the pirates I'm thinking he's going to literally jump ship. (But careful cause he's a snek)

Maybe hakyou and whisper as well as passengers
(How do I) Form a connection when we can't even shake hands? You're like the phantom greeting me We plot in the shadows, hang out in the gallows Stuck in a loop for eternity
I added Shana! Haha! I'll add in the other two whenever they jump on board.  :gengar:
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One more, just one more I swear

He'll be the one powering the engine cores with magic
Annnd added Laz as doctor and Suhru as lookout, helper and frequent worrier about everyone's health (tiny mom figure). Also to give Eliel a frand!



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