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Land Ho! [Pirates]

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 Pirate Captain Ayehrad Naimi is looking for able-bodied men (and women) to serve aboard his Skimmer, the Pearl Queen!

First Mate: Mimi, his pet mini-dragon
Second Mate(?): @Lyelm Reinyves
Lookout: @Zuri Kadzo
Crew members: @Syros Elerakima and @Karan Elerakima

We need:
The Engineer
The Cook
Powder Monkey

If you can think of any other positions, feel free to make them and let me know here, so I can add them to the list!

Note: The Engineer used to work for the Elysia Navy, but was kidnapped when Naimi 'commandeered' the ship that he was working on alone at the time. I see him being pretty scared at first, but eventually agreeing to join Naimi because he either develops a crush on him OR he was so unhappy with his own home life that he jumped at the chance to flee. lmao Or both!
the painful
 Got a pitch for when I have a few more posts on Aoife.

Possible Lookout Character-- Staraptor shifter. Name is Zuri Kadzo (https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/b/bc/Senna_OriginalSkin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20191030040849' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>playby), and unshifted she has the power to manipulate the wind and the enhanced eyes of a raptor. She doesn't like to shift because the Staraptor's predatory instincts are mildly terrifying to her. She's not necessarily gentle, but she doesn't like losing control. Ex-military, doesn't like overbearing authority, but has no real morality about the situations present in Elysia. Possibly wanted as a deserter???? That's about all I have for now, but it's a Thought.
 Hey, those are great ideas! I love that her shift’s appetite affects her irl desire to stay an organic, so that’s really unique. What if she had deserted, was caught by the naval captain whose ship Naimi stole, and was originally going to be brought to Tuari to be put into the prison?

But when Naimi stole the ship, she was on board, and he didn’t discover her until like 2 days later? LOL So she became part of his crew once he discovered her sharp eyesight (and fed her some I guess, cause he forgot to check the holding cells). Beats going to prison, right?

Naimi also makes her take all the lady parts in his plays, just... cause she’s there. She can (and maybe should) hate him for that.  
the painful
 Admittedly I like pulling from the Pokedex for RP, and Staraptor's pokedex says that it never stops fighting, even when injured. It might be terrifying for someone not used to that mindset.

Anyway I like these ideas. Thanks for helping brainstorm! But yeah, I figure if she's wanted as a deserter, being a pirate is the next best thing. It's possible that her previous unit didn't treat their people so well-- maybe a powermad officer or something that was into degradation and felt that being soft on his soldiers was weakness. He probably made her break down a few times, and then screamed at her while she was breaking down, and punished her for it, and she was like "screw this, I'll be abused less in prison." So being in plays may bother her, but she might go along with it because maybe she wants to stay on Naimi's good side. Or it's a small price to pay for not being treated like garbage.

She's probably really bad at acting, though lol.
 Sounds good! I’m all for the new lookout, so I put it up as reserved for you.

In terms of how Naimi treats his crew, he’s not a bastard. More of a flirty weirdo who likes being dramatic and has a flair for the arts. Lol Everyone on board knows that Second Mate Lyelm is the real captain—Naimi’s just fucking around, essentially, trying to find a magic solution to solve his “being a dumpy slowpoke shifter” problem.

Meanwhile they do little raids along the shorelines or try to take on smaller ships to get enough loot to satisfy the rest of the crew. (Meh, it’s a living, right?)

He’s honestly asleep for like 15 hours in the 20 hour day, and when he’s awake he’s a weirdo. I think he’d get along just fine with anyone as long as they don’t spit in his face or openly disrespect him or something. And tbh her being bad probably makes the plays even better. Lmao



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