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Magnolia Entertainment Company

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The Magnolia Entertainers are a nomadic group of singers, dancers and actors who travel across the land in their armored caravan, putting on shows for the people of Quora Prime. Originating on Pazh Isle, an island nation now overwhelmed by ferals, they have been in business for the better part of fifty years.

People write in their requests and the group take votes on where they’d like to travel to next. They’re a large troupe of about 25 people, plus mercenaries and bodyguards who fend off raiders, marauders and ferals.

This ad is looking for any sort of entertainer who might belong to the group! Any kind of character is welcomed; simply post below if interested, or if you’d like your character listed.

Some ideas:

Strong man
Trapeze artists
Dancers (all types)
Artists (painting props and backdrops!)
Musicians (all types)

- - - - -
Current group members:

@Flamme -- Dancer
@Hitori -- Flutist, acrobat
@Verdell Clover -- Actor
@Doha Clearwater  -- Artist/backdrop painter
@Hakyou -- Stowaway/general helper
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This guy! I may have another idea for a more boisterous type but laptop is at 10% so I'll let that one percolate a little more.
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Aurae 'Rae' Savaunt is a born Sylveon Shifter who started singing at a young age, picking up a few instruments at a later age. Belomir (shiny twin brother) is her manager, so maybe she joins up and Bell follows her and takes on the role of 'managing' the troupe's finances or securing room and board or shows where they go IDK. I think they'd really get on well with this bunch.
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My two in this group are Verdell and Hitori. I think Verdell would probably be friendly with most everyone in the bunch.... Although he might annoy the more introverted or standoffish types because he tends to be OVERLY friendly and has a habit of pushing boundaries. Hitori is selectively mute, he has a voice, he just rarely uses it. He loves music though, so he probably listens to Rae when she sings and plays her music.
Feel free to throw your guys into the open too, btw.

(Also Flamme may insist Verdell is his 'husband' and try to cut a bitch but. That happens.  :meowth:)



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