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Elysian Knights 13th Division

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The 13th division of the Elysian Knights are currently on a mission to extract mana. These are a handful of the group to get it moving but existing characters can also slot in quite easily as long as they're organics from Elysia.

Face Claim: Tywin (Epic 7)
Name: @Suri Lynch
Age: 32
Species: Organic
Position: Captain
Notes: Stoic and intelligent, he is rumored to have some royal blood mixed in his lineage. He's a hard worker and tends to take things quite seriously, especially his job. He prides himself on keeping his division safe and is self sacrificing. He treats Alya with kid gloves because of his viscount status, not letting him really get into the fray.

Face Claim: Abraham Van Helsing (Code: Realize)
Name: @Koryan Mink
Age: 25-28
Species: Organic
Position: Ranged Fighter
Notes: While intelligent, he is also something of a lazy bum at the same time. He went through tactician school but never made it to tactician level, which is fine with him. He would rather snipe ferals from afar than have the pressure of strategizing on his shoulders. He argues with Suri about letting Alya fight; he thinks if he's man enough to join the division that he should be able to fight like anybody else.

Face Claim: Elesis (Grand Chase)
Name: ___ ____
Age: 21-23
Species: Organic
Position: Fire Element
Notes: She's as fiery as her element suggests, never giving up even when things seem hopeless. She's not as smart as the other two but she knows when to listen and when to go with her gut feelings. She and Alya often butt heads but she is probably the one Alya considers his best friend amongst the group.

Face Claim: Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)
Name: @Cyne Ankhari
Age: 18
Species: Organic
Position: Shield
Notes: He was attacked by ferals as a child but somehow... he was immune to the shifting curse. What happened instead? He has the ability to shield himself and anybody within 5-10 feet around him from any feral magic directed at him. Alya and this guy have a volatile back and forth, mostly because this guy is stupidly in love with Alya and doesn't want to admit it. And Alya wants to impress him because when the two were younger, they were actually friends... until this guy was attacked and his family kept him away from Alya.
I think Rion could slot into the team as an expendable (sort of) runner. He carries and operates the mana extractors (I believe I wrote this in some open or NRN before).
(How do I) Form a connection when we can't even shake hands? You're like the phantom greeting me We plot in the shadows, hang out in the gallows Stuck in a loop for eternity
They probably work with runners at times, seems reasonable.
I'll also take my boy Tywin
 I gotta since i'm 6 starring him next! LOL



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