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Ayehrad Naimi
SpeciesSlowpoke Shifter
JobPirate Cap'n
HomelandPandora - Oceans
Face ClaimSouza Samonji (Touken Ranbu)

Ayehrad Naimi--who goes by Naimi since people have trouble saying his given name--comes from a proud family of Shifter Magi, all of them pureblooded and all of them with the ability to shift into sylveon—graceful and beautiful, admired by all. His entire family are also pirates, so Naimi grew up aboard ships, swabbing decks and having practice sword fights with the crew.

Unfortunately, Naimi himself was born a little different. A mutation caused him to shift into a slowpoke, which is a source of shame for him to this day. Having heard of an ancient relic that can fix his malady, he set off on his own to find the relic and to turn himself into a beautiful sylveon, like the rest of his family.

At the port in Navir, he ‘commandeered’ a naval Skimmer—which he renamed the Pearl Queen—and ‘borrowed’ the ship’s mechanic, forcing the poor man to steer them out into the open seas. By the time the naval officers realized their Skimmer was missing, Naimi was long gone. Over the years he has managed to recruit himself a full crew, and amusingly, the engineer that he kidnapped even agreed to stay with him.

A flamboyant man with a flair for dramatics and a deep love of sailing, Naimi is never happier than when he’s on deck shouting out orders. He loves to sing and has a beautiful voice, which he uses to amuse the crew when The Dawn forces them to hide belowdecks.

Naimi loves putting on plays as well, recruiting unwilling crew members and forcing them to play out all the secondary parts—of course, he is always the lead in these plays.
Sleepy -- His slowpoke form has given him no other added benefits except being able to sleep anywhere, any time, in any orientation--standing, sitting, folded over, shoved under a bed...

He has an insatiable appetite for sleep also, which is annoying because it means he's out of commission for much of the night, leaving the running of the ship to his Second Mate. Sometimes he also sleepwalks but suspiciously always ends up in the bed of his Second Mate...

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