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Welcome to Battle Cry, a unique pokemon shifter fantasy roleplay! We have no word count, no application process, and we utilize character accounts. Read More! You can find all kinds of information there, including a list of face claims, current shift types, and more! Post at our guest help desk if you need any help!Don’t like the default dark theme? Try changing to the light variant!Sorry, but Battle Cry is now CLOSED.

SpeciesLycanroc Shifter
JobAirship Pilot
Face ClaimCourier [Arknights]

As a shifter, life was not easy from the start for Esker. His parents were unhappy with their lives in Tuari and who could blame them? They were treated unwell and weren't even allowed to use their own natural abilities because the organics were so afraid of them.

After his mother was brutally murdered in the streets, Esker's father decided enough was enough. Taking his revenge, he killed those who killed his lover and then he whisked his son away from the organics.

As a worker in Tuari, he had learned many things and his father, along with some other shifters who had escaped, built an airship they christened simply The Lycan. There, they were able to live above the people who so feared and hated them.

When his father died of illness, it was Esker who took over from his job as captain of the Lycan, but he hates leadership duties and often skirts them.
Keen Eye -- he has sharp eyesight that helps him with piloting and hunting

Accelerock -- fast move that hits pretty hard

Howl -- when used, it raises morale and fighting spirit

Odor Sleuth -- enables him to attack ghosts with regular moves

Crunch -- his bite is able to weaken the opponent's defense
The Story of Esker

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