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Celadir Elethorn
SpeciesEspeon Shifter
HomelandLiliaurora Village
Face ClaimMerlin (Fate Grand Order)

Born in Liliaurora just as the world came crashing to an end as they knew it, his birth was hailed as a harbinger of things to come. Despite how the rest of their village told her to let him go, his mother held tight to him. But it would be the death of her. As the monsters from the moon came tearing around the village to take out whatever they could, the monsters came for his mother and ripped her to pieces. Her infant son was protected only by her body lying over his.

When the Dawn disappeared and people from the village came back to look for loved ones that might still be around, his father came across his wife and what she had done, sacrificing herself for their son. Although bitter and hurt by what happened, he couldn't help holding the crying infant close. It was all he had left of his beloved wife and unlike most of the village, he didn't blame the boy for what happened.

Thrown out of the village while they attempted to rebuild, Celadir's father took his son away from the village and began to travel with him, going as far from their old village as he could.

He soon discovered there was something very wrong with his son, however. It seemed that during the attack, he had been nicked. At first, his father thought nothing of it, but when his son began to turn into one of those monsters himself, he started to fear the worst. That his son was actually a harbinger of the evil rained upon them.

He met a woman, however, who after the attacks had begun tracking and studying the phenomena. She shared with him that it wasn't just his son; it was anybody that had been attacked. And she showed him that she herself had the ability to shift, too. She would be the one to teach Celadir how to control his abilities and she would also become his surrogate mother in place of the one he lost.

He has a pet nickit named Anubis.
Magic Bounce. This ability reflects magic that causes status elements such as confusion, paralysis, or poison back on the one who cast it.

Future Sight. He has the ability to read the air currents and discover what might occur in the future. Weather, especially as he's very sensitive to changes in the atmosphere.

Confusion. He can cast confusion on his enemies, making them easier to defeat, especially if they hurt themselves in their confusion.

Wish. He can heal himself for half the damage caused by his opponent.

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