The open air market in Valence was something of a fixture on the island, and Dandy never missed a chance to peruse its wares when he and his family docked. Having finally escaped his mother and brother--shirking his duties as usual--Dandy slipped between villagers like oil over water. His deft paw strayed into a pocket and came away with a few bells. Another pocket yielded a fine watch, which he tucked into the inside pocket of his long maroon coat.

With his dark green eyes--shining with the light of greed--and his black, glossy, well-groomed fur, Dandy looked... well, quite the dandy gentleman! That helped him to get away with certain things, like waltzing into Nook's place as if he owned the place. No one would assume that he was a pirate. He could be a nobleman, for all the airs and graces that he was presently putting on--while also picking pockets.

Stopping at a stall wreathed in steam, he sniffed the air delicately. Dandy's silky ears twitched. The sound of something frying held hypnotic power over him. "What is that?" he asked of a nearby villager, pointing to the large vat of oil bubbling away, frying up something quite delightful and savory.