She sells seashells by the... beach

Started by Cyprus at May 09, 2021 9:28 AM
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"Katt. One K, two Ts," Cyprus repeated dutifully, knowing that names were important to some animals. He shook Katt's paw as best as he could with his wing. "I'm Cyprus. Knight retainer." Which was really just a glorified name for someone who ran errands, but Katt didn't really have to know that, did she? Cyprus had already made quite a fool of himself from the crab incident!

"Can I buy you a pint of cold... beverage at the village tavern, Katt?" he asked hesitantly, not knowing if she was stopping by or if she intended to stay for long in the kingdom. Still, never hurt to offer refreshments to someone who had just saved his life, right? 

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Katt's ears quite literally perked up. "Whoa! You're a knight retainer? Really?!" Her first thought was that it was genuinely very cool, and that sincere excitement shone forth. Her second thought was that this might be exactly the sort of opportunity Redd had wanted her to look out for. "That's a pretty sweet gig. I did some low-level forest ranger work for a while, back on my home island, but working with real knights, now that's really something. But yeah, by all means, otherwise I'd just wind up hanging around the beach. Maybe make some crab ceviche."

She threw her head back, laughing heartily at her own joke (that actually wasn't much of a joke). "Besides, I need to get out more. See more of this island, figure out if it's a good spot for me. I just landed here a few days ago, so I've barely seen the village yet. What's it called again? Venice? Variance?" Katt knew she was rambling, but couldn't seem to stop herself.  Partly because she was a bit nervous, but ulterior motives aside, she was honestly quite excited to be exploring a new place and making a new friend. "Something like that. Do you know if that tavern has catnip wine? Not everywhere does. It's cool either way, though."

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She--she was quite talkative.

And by quite, Cyprus meant... extremely.

At first he stared at Katt all agog, as the words kept coming and new information was uncovered. Normally Cyprus was quite the slow and methodical kind of bird, and he wished that he had more time to process, file and arrange all of the things that Katt was saying--because they were quite interesting things! Like how she used to be a ranger, and how she came from another island, and only landed a few days ago and didn't know what the village was called.

Which was kind of funny, and Cyprus imagined that she must not have gone too far into the village because... signs with the phrase 'Valence Village in The Kingdom of Nook' was plastered everywhere. It was on every window, every signpost, every street corner, every awning. Everywhere that it was possible to declare that this was The Kingdom of Nook, it was declared. Vociferously. And with blatant disregard for the sanity of the inhabitants of The Kingdom of Nook. 

"This... this village is called Valence Village," Cyprus explained, to start off. "It's ruled by our leader, Tom Nook. Oh--but never call him that. Always address him by his title, King Nook, or else he'll send his Nook Knights after you." And that was something no one--visitor or inhabitant--wanted. Cyprus began to lead the way back to the village, heading down a neat and trim cobblestone path meandering away from the beach. "The tavern has all sorts of wines, so I'm sure there's something you might like. I'm partial to the dandelion ale myself. But what about your island? What was it like? Did a king or queen rule over it?"

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"Valence! That's it!" It sounded vaguely familiar, but then, Katt had only really done a quick walkthrough of the village after landing on the island - and being gifted a strange gadget that she was still figuring out how to use. It had only been a few hours before she'd seen a flier, been recruited, and wound up spending a couple of days on the beach with Redd and company. "That's a pretty name. If not that memorable." 

"So, my island!" Content to let her new pal lead the way, Katt trotted along a half-step behind him, focused on summing up her past. "Where to start... we had a king, but there was no worrying about how to address him, because he was so far away and so far removed from all of us where I grew up. We rarely even saw knights, and there wasn't really a path for any of us lowborn nobodies to become one, or anything. The highest ranking official we ever saw was a sheriff, and the local deputies and us forest rangers reported back to her. Crime was pretty bad... well, I guess it was mostly that people were poor..." Katt trailed off, her eyes sliding away from Cyprus. As proud as she was of her skills with the bow, being chosen as a ranger had mostly meant 'protecting' the fruits of the forest from the hungry commoners, while permitting the nobility with permits to do as they wished. She hadn't lasted long in that role. "A part of me feels bad for leaving. But there was no opportunity there. No way to get any further than I already had, no way to make a name for myself." Adjusting the bow slung on her back, she straightened up, her chin lifting proudly. "And I definitely want to be somebody. Somebody who makes a difference. Who fights for noble causes, has legendary adventures..." Katt paused to waggle her brows at Cyprus. "Somebody who saves damsels in distress. Too bad you weren't a pretty kitty, but I gotta take what I can get, I guess!"

She laughed, nudging Cyprus playfully. "So what about you? What's being a knight retainer in Nook-land like?" 

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Oh... That sounded... not quite so nice. By Katt's upbeat attitude and capable skills, he'd imagined that she came from a rather nice part of the world but perhaps not. It seemed that there was a story there, judging by the way her gaze slid away and off to the side for a moment. 

Cyprus didn't know what to say so he remained quiet, letting her talk until the awkward moment had passed. He laughed slightly at the way her brows wiggled and held up a wing as though to block himself from her view. "Madam, I am spoken for!" Well, he wasn't--but he could have been! Once. But that was neither here nor there!

"Being a retainer isn't all that exciting I'm afraid. We're more like glorified page boys, fetching things and passing messages along." It wasn't the sort of job he envisioned for himself, but it was... a living, he supposed. "But I'm sure you'll find lots of adventures here, if you're looking for the sort of thing," he enthused, brightening up once more. "The Nook Knights have been quite active lately, chasing after a fiend who's been defrauding our citizens. And you saw that giant crab back there! More and more creatures like those have been washing up on shore."

Cyprus' brows creased ever so slightly as he cast a fearful look over his shoulder. Then he lowered his voice slightly and leaned in toward Katt. "Truth be told, there's been a rumor going around... that these monsters were created by someone! That someone has been testing nasty things on the local wildlife and turning them into aggressive beasts!"

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