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Started by Zozbeans at Apr 12, 2021 8:39 PM
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Hello and welcome to Animal Crossing: Realms of Whimsy! This topic is where you can introduce yourself and get to know each other. Tell us about yourself and what brought you here!

I'll start us off. I'm Admin Zoz, one of the founding members of the site! I currently am a stay-at-home pet mom. No human kids, just pets. My husband and I have four indoor cats and one outdoor feral cat that we care for. I also have a guinea pig! (I'm obsessed with guinea pigs. Don't be surprised if I have a few guinea pig characters in the future!)

Other than Animal Crossing, I'm a huge fan of games like Harvest Moon (Animal Parade and Tree of Tranquility are my favorites), Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, My Time At Portia, and Stardew Valley! But I also play a variety of other games, like Night In The Woods, Undertale, Until Dawn, etc. My favorite JRPGs are the Suikoden series, the first three Persona games, Legend of Mana, and Fire Emblem, particularly the games taking place in Tellius and Elibe.

I also play mobile games from time to time. 

My favorite animals are guinea pigs, foxes, bats, dogs (shiba, samoyed, and chow especially), opossums, raccoons, and honestly, I could go on for a hundred years. I love animals, period.

I love Marshal and Stitches most but I've also got Raymond, Static, Genji, Sylvana, Diana, Snake, Kabuki, and Pekoe on my island. My favorite are the cranky villagers.

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Hi, I'm Maru, you can call me Maru.  :shook:

I don't have a switch so I haven't played AC, but Zoz sends me memes and screenshots of her game! My favorite characters are Marshal, Raymond, Genji and weird old man Static. I also like Pave, because Pave!

In general my favorite kinds of games are crafting sandbox games or farming games like Terraria, Minecraft, Don't Starve, Stardew Valley, Starbound, etc. etc. I'm mostly a single-player kinda gal since I enjoy games more when I can take them at my own pace. Or I'll do stupid things like min-max a farming game, and nobody wants to be along for that ride!

I work full-time in a lab, so while I may be on and checking in, I won't always be posting. I try my best to post at least once a day, however!

If you have any questions about the lore, how to do things around the place or just want to chat about characters or plots, feel free to drop me a PM or message me on Discord! See you around, folks!

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Hi! I'm Cat. I live in Brooklyn with my partner and three terrible, but very loved, cats. I know it's not always the best idea to specify my location online, but I literally can't shut up about how much I love NYC, so I might as well mention it up front. Anyway, I found you guys pretty randomly - hadn't looked at RPG-D in years, but something made me check it out, and there you were, right near the top. Probably since about 2015 I've mostly roleplayed on tumblr or discord.  Animal Crossing has been my latest obsession since my partner and I treated ourselves to a Switch for Christmas. My island is a mess right now though, since I'm re-doing... everything. I tend to go through phases of playing all different types of games, with Skyrim and Stardew Valley being my other most recent obsessions. 

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