Animal Crossing: Realms of Whimsy is meant to be a fun, quick-to-jump into role-play so we don't have a set of strict rules. Mostly, we have some guidelines about what this site is about, what we offer, and what we expect from players. 

We have no approval process (play as soon as you make a character), no word count, no activity checks.

The official site rating is Mature, or a 3-3-3 according to the RPG Rating system. However, everyone is expected to be respectful of other players. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of the admins.

Because of our rating, we can only accept role-players aged 18 years and up. Anybody violating this rule is violating law and we must remove you from the site.


Firstly, create your OOC (Out Of Character) account. Your subaccounts are automatically linked to your OOC account.

Avatars are 250x250 and Secondary Images (show up in posts) are 250x350.

To avoid confusion, please do not use an animal crossing character you are not playing yourself as your OOC avatar.


1. Click your OOC NAME to bring down the menu. 
3. Click the CREATE CHARACTER button.
4. There will be 3 tabs for you to input character info; all of these are optional except the Art Credit, if you choose to use someone else's artwork, and the Grouping
5. Click the READY TO PLAY box at the bottom left of the form; this will list your character as active, and you may begin to play them as soon as you click the SAVE button.

While there is no cap on the number of characters a player can write, there is a limit of 5 canon characters per player. This includes traditional NPC characters like Tom Nook, Blathers, and Isabelle. You can check who is in play by peering at our characters list (click here) and searching for the character’s name. Click the buttons (bard, cleric, druid, etc.) to see the characters under each group.

We encourage playing original characters! If you cannot draw your own original character, there are generators like this that can help you out. You can also commission art, use cartoon/animated animals, or use free-use originals.

No human characters! This is a strictly animal based Animal Crossing RP.


Vesta does not use BBCode. The post form is similar to what you get in Microsoft Word or any other word processor. To bold, italicize, etc. your post, highlight the section you want altered and click the appropriate button. Keyboard shortcuts also work (i.e. ctrl+B to bold).

There is no word count enforced per post. We also do not archive completed threads into another forum. Once a thread is completed, the original creator of the thread may lock it by clicking the lock button. Any thread your character posts in is automatically added to their tracker!

If you would like to subscribe to a thread, click the FOLLOW button in the thread. To unsubscribe, click your name > Manage Subscriptions.

Activity is not monitored and you won't be kicked from the site for being inactive. If your canon character has not been used in over three months and another player expresses interest in playing that character, they may be removed from your roster so that the newer player can be given a chance.


Tags are used to add a marker to a thread. Simply type in the tag and add a comma after it to add a tag. The comma is necessary for the system to add the tag, so don't forget it!

Adding " open, " as a tag will add your thread to our open threads list.


If you are concerned about encountering mature content, you may turn it off by doing the following:

1. Click your OOC NAME to bring down the menu. 
3. Turn OFF the MATURE CONTENT slider (it should not be green).
4. Input a birthday under PROFILE. It can be a fake one; the system just needs it to determine your age.

If you would like to tag a thread as mature, click the MATURE CONTENT button at the top or bottom of any topic. Clicking it will hide the thread from anyone who has turned mature content off. Clicking it again will allow others to see it.